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At Queensland Rheumatology we aim to understand and care about each one of our patients. Not just from the Rheumatological view point but very much from the human perspective.  It is our aim to make all patients feel comfortable in a beautiful relaxing environment. We also aim to keep patients updated with information on their clinical condition as well as details of blood test results to enable a team approach to management. Whilst chronic conditions cannot all be cured, working together usually ensures a high level of disease control enabling life to be lived to its fullest.



Dr Sonja Nagel MBBS (hons) FRACP gained a Degree in Medicine with Honours from Monash University in Melbourne, gaining several awards throughout her undergraduate degree. She subsequently specialised in Rheumatology gaining admission as a Fellow of The Australasian College of Physicians in 1988. 


Dr Nagel has worked in many of the major teaching hospitals in Queensland including  Mater Misericordiae, Royal Brisbane Hospital and Princess Alexandra Hospital. A vision of providing world class Rheumatological care to regional Australia inspired her to set up solo practice in Toowoomba in 1989. This has proven to be such a huge success that she is currently recruiting younger colleagues to help manage community needs both now and into the future.


Dr Nagel remains actively involved in teaching undergraduates, postgraduates and participates in community education programs. She has served as a Senior Clinical Lecturer for University Of Queensland, a Clinical Examiner and has chaired sessions at International Rheumatology Conferences. She has been the recipient of numerous awards over the years from the Rural Clinical School, University of Queensland and various Alumni Honours.


Reception Staff

Christine Williams is a wonderful practice manager and  receptionist who is an integral part of Dr Nagel's clinical management team. She has worked in the Rheumatological area for over two decades. Chris is able to help with many general enquiries. We have also been happy to welcome Megan onto the staff in more recent years. 


Dr Sonja Nagel pictured in the Queensland Rheumatology Centre



Dr Armi Salonga specialist Rheumatologist 

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